Harassment in school, report it immediatly !

A reminder to all who know about that there is bullying and/or harassment in schools, report it immediately so that it does not happen again.
It has come to my attention and knowledge that students have been victims of harassment and bullying at a vocational school in the Gulf of Ostrobothnia. Harassment and bullying has occurred inside the professional studies for cooks and bakers and to say it mildly this is very serious and especially serious in the sense that it is some teachers who hawe made these harassments on students.
I hope the relevant school "Optima Pietarsaari" with their employees corrects up in this misses and this bad behavior, and to put it mildly, cleans up in this attitude among the teachers of the school. in a school that will train students for their career choices one expects to see good teaching skills among teachers and a responsibility that brings enjoyment and learning among students. I remind the school that harassment and bullying is an illegal and punishable act that has legal implications.
This is something that we in this industry among both chefs and cooks absolutely not tolerate that harassment and bullying takes place at vocational schools. I point out and hope once again that this act was the last and final act which took place at this school.

Otherwise, we must go to legal sanctions to secure ourselves from this happening again.